Detriot versus Carolina Preview

I can’t promise I’ll do this every week, but here are three things no one in talking about concerning the Lions / Panthers matchup on Sunday.

Guard Play – Gerald McCoy had a great game against Carolina’s guard recording 8 tackles and a sack. But it could have been even worse for Carolina. Tampa runs Lovie Smith venerable Tampa 2 which relies on minimal blitzing. If they had blitzed over the A gaps where the guards were getting pushed back by McCoy, an open lane to the quarterback would have been waiting, and that exactly what concerns me about Detroit. They are more willing to blitz, especially against Cam Newton who may not be as mobile as he recovers from cracked ribs. Suh and Fairly are going to get push. If Detroit sends a linebacker over the A gap, it could be a tough outing for Newton.

Safety Play – Once Thomas DeCoud went out with an injury in the 2nd half against Tampa Bay, the Bucs offense came to life and Carolina gave up two big scores. Carolina is built on a stout front seven but has questions and inexperience in the back end. Facing a Detroit team that features Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate and three legit tight ends, Carolina’s rush has to get home or it will be a long day. If I’m Joe Lombardi, I’m thinking real hard about running some max protect plays to stymie and frustrate the Panther’s rush and give the receivers time to work open against what should be an overmatched secondary.

Familiarity – Last week, Detroit played the New York Giants whose new offensive coordinator comes from division rival Green Bay. It gave Detroit a familiarity with the offense New York was running. I joked with my wife that Detroit might have known the offense better than the Giants. The script gets flipped on Detroit this week. The aforementioned Lombardi comes to Detroit from the Panthers NFC South nemesis New Orleans Saints. While the Lions looked great against New York, Carolina’s familiarity with the offense they are running should give them an aid in stopping it that they would normally lack on an out of division foe.

2014 NFL Predictions

This is my annual predictions piece. Last year, I broke my predictions into two posts, but this year I’m doing one.

For comparison, I’m almost posting the predictions of new profession writers. First, I chose Gregg Estabrook. Gregg is a columnist for and writes my favorite weekly column covering the NFL called Tuesday Morning Quarterback. The other prediction was the combined prediction that ESPN printed in ESPN the Magazine.

Super Bowl

Saints Colts

I picked the Saints last year and my reasons haven’t changed a great deal. They have a fantastic offense and an underrated defenses. Drew Bress is a top 5 quarterback with a bevvy of weapons and the league’s best tight end.

I see the Colts making it out of the AFC. Luck is an up and coming quarterback who will get serious MVP consideration. Ah, what might have been if he had come out a year early (or how different would be look up against the tough NFC South rather than the AFC South). He’s got weapons all over the place with Wayne, Hilton, Nicks, Fleener and Dwayne Allen. They also play this year against the generous defenses in the NFC East. They could get home field and they have the weapons to go toe to toe with Denver or New England especially in the dome.

MVP : Andrew Luck

Look, the NFL media types are just waiting to annoit the next great young quarterback and they’ve got a guy who fits the bill in Luck. A favorable schedule should allow him to put up big numbers that would justify the award. By year’s end, he will have ascended to the Manning, Brees, Rodgers tier in the eyes of many.

Rookie of the Year: Blake Bortles

At some point, Jacksonville will do what the Raiders did and actually watch the tape of their young single caller. He’s already better than Chad Henne. The best way to make a mistake is to let fear of making a mistake guide your decision. Eventually, Jacksonville will turn it over to Bortles. A quarterback has a leg up on any other position in Rookie of the Year consideration, and if Jacksonville challenges for the wildcard, which I think they will, Bortles is a lock for Rookie of the Year.

Division Winners

AFC East

Estabrook: New England

ESPN The Magazine: New England

TedtheThird: New England

The kings of the East stay that way. As long as Tom Brady is under center you got to like their chances. I expect a push from the Jets and Dolphins.

NFC East

Estabrook: Philly Eagles

ESPN The Magazine: Philadelphia Eagles

TedtheThird: Philadelphia Eagles

I don’t think their is any stopping the Chip Kelly offense. But it’s so much more than Xs and Os with him. He is applying Sabermetrics and sports medicine in ways other teams aren’t yet. The Eagles are going to be king of a bad divisin. The Cowboys could flirt with #1 overall pick territory once Romo’s back gives out and the Giants look terrible on offense. No one in this division plays much defense.

AFC North

Estabrook: Baltimore Ravens

ESPN The Magazine: Pittsburgh Steelers

TedtheThird: Cincinnati Bengals

With deference to my esteemed collegues, and to use a Matthew Berry quote, this is woah woah crazy. The Bengals have the strongest offense in the division. Yes, Dalton has struggled in the playoffs, and you’ll note I don’t pick them to go to the Super Bowl. But winning the divison is about regular season play and Dalton is a very good QB. With A.J Green, Gio Bernaard and the rest of the weapons Hue Jackson’s offense will put up enough points to take the division from the Steelers or Ravens. Browns are already playing for next year and Manzeil will start more games (and win more games) than Hoyer by years end.

NFC North

Estabrook: Chicago Bears

ESPN The Magazine: Green Bay Packers

TedtheThird: Green Bay Packers

I don’t understand the Bears pick. Their defense has look terrible. The Packers are primed for a deep run. They have the most balanced offense in football. Rodgers is every pick the quarterback that Brees or Manning is and Eddie Lacy is lightyears ahead of any back those two can throw out.

AFC South

Estabrook: Indianapolis Colts

ESPN The Magazine: Indianapolis Colts

TedtheThird: Indianapolis Colts

See my Super Bowl pick, but honestly, who in this division is the threat? I do see a nice year coming for Jacksonville, largely on my belief in Gus Bradly and Blake Bortles but they won’t be able to take the divison form Inday.

NFC South

Estabrook: New Orleans Saints

ESPN The Magazine: New Orleans Saints

TedtheThird: New Orleans Saints

Again, reference my Super Bowl pick. If not for a questionable call in a Panthers Monday Night game and a monsoon hitting Charlotte during the Saints-Panthers matchup, the Saints would have won the divison last year. The South is going to be tough, but the Saints are nigh unbeatable in the dome and they travel well enough. Brandin Cooks is a special rookie.

AFC West

Estabrook: Denver Broncos

ESPN The Magazine: Denver Broncos

TedtheThird: Denver Broncos

The Broncos are loaded up for a now or never type of run. They improved their defense and their weapons, even with Welker missing some time, he’ll still be back when it counts. They running backs give you pause, but it’s almost back to the old Shanahan days where the Bronco running helmets were imprinted with the phrase “insert running back, get 1000 yards”.

NFC West

Estabrook: San Francisco 49ers

ESPN The Magazine: Seattle Seahawks

TedtheThird: Arizona Cardinals

I predicted the Cardinals last year and I’m still bullish on them. Bruce Arians is a fantastic coach. Carson Palmer is a good enough quarterback. I love their weapons, especially Clemson product Andre Ellington. San Francisco looks like they are still finding themselves on offense, the Seahawks won’t be as motivated, and let’s not forget that last year the Cardinals went into Seattle and pulled out a victory.

NFC Wildcards

Estabrook: Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks

ESPN: 49ers, Chicago Bears

TedtheThird: Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahhawks

I do see Seattle taking a step back, but you almost have to give them 7 wins in their home games. They have the best Home field in football. They should find 4 or so on the road which would give them 11, and that should be enough for a Wildcard.

I see a bouce back year for Atlanta. They weren’t as bad as their record last year and they have their main weapons back with Julio Jones and Roddy White. They really upgraded on the offensive line. With Carolina getting off to its traditional slow start and Tampa improving, the South will be tough but Atlanta will come out with the last Wild card.

AFC Wildcards

Estabrook: Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers

ESPN: Houston Texans, Cincinnati Bengals

TedtheThird: Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City

Andy Ried is one heck of a coach. Alex Smith is a legit quarterback and Jamaal Charles is all world. They are still smarting from that huge playoff let down and will be back with avengence this year.

Jacksonville is my come out of nowhere team. Gus Bradley is a good coach and with Toby Gerhart running and Rookie of the Year Blake Bortles passing they can eek out the last Wild Card.

AGS 2014 Draft

1 Adrian Peterson, Min RB Team Chapel.Luke
2 Peyton Manning, Den QB GB 2
3 LeSean McCoy, Phi RB Beat the Boys
4 Jamaal Charles, KC RB Team YNWA
5 Jimmy Graham, NO TE Mike Honcho
6 Drew Brees, NO QB The Bolt
7 Calvin Johnson, Det WR Patriots Dynasty
8 Eddie Lacy, GB RB   First and Ted
9 Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB Team Marzano
10 Matt Forte, Chi RB Team Fisher
11 Demaryius Thomas, Den WR Team Fisher
12 Doug Martin, TB RB Team Marzano
13 Dez Bryant, Dal WR   First and Ted
14 Giovani Bernard, Cin RB Patriots Dynasty
15 Montee Ball, Den RB The Bolt
16 DeMarco Murray, Dal RB Mike Honcho
17 Aaron Rodgers, GB QB Team YNWA
18 Brandon Marshall, Chi WR Beat the Boys
19 Julio Jones, Atl WR GB 2
20 A.J. Green, Cin WR Team Chapel.Luke
21 Reggie Bush, Det RB Team Chapel.Luke
22 Jordy Nelson, GB WR GB 2
23 Julius Thomas, Den TE Beat the Boys
24 Le’Veon Bell, Pit RB Team YNWA
25 Kelvin Benjamin, Car WR Mike Honcho
26 Marques Colston, NO WR The Bolt
27 Rob Gronkowski, NE TE Patriots Dynasty
28 Shane Vereen, NE RB   First and Ted
29 Vincent Jackson, TB WR Team Marzano
30 Antonio Brown, Pit WR Team Fisher
31 Arian Foster, Hou RB Team Fisher
32 Greg Olsen, Car TE Team Marzano
33 Randall Cobb, GB WR   First and Ted
34 Keenan Allen, SD WR Patriots Dynasty
35 Alshon Jeffery, Chi WR The Bolt
36 Julian Edelman, NE WR Mike Honcho
37 Roddy White, Atl WR Team YNWA
38 Matthew Stafford, Det QB Beat the Boys
39 Zac Stacy, StL RB GB 2
40 Percy Harvin, Sea WR Team Chapel.Luke
41 Andrew Luck, Ind QB Team Chapel.Luke
42 C.J. Spiller, Buf RB GB 2
43 Alfred Morris, Wsh RB Beat the Boys
44 Colin Kaepernick, SF QB Team YNWA
45 Matt Ryan, Atl QB Mike Honcho
46 Ryan Mathews, SD RB The Bolt
47 Nick Foles, Phi QB Patriots Dynasty
48 Pierre Thomas, NO RB   First and Ted
49 Russell Wilson, Sea QB Team Marzano
50 Cam Newton, Car QB Team Fisher
51 Andre Johnson, Hou WR Team Fisher
52 Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR Team Marzano
53 Tom Brady, NE QB   First and Ted
54 Toby Gerhart, Jac RB Patriots Dynasty
55 Wes Welker, Den WR The Bolt
56 T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR Mike Honcho
57 Michael Crabtree, SF WR Team YNWA
58 Victor Cruz, NYG WR Beat the Boys
59 Jason Witten, Dal TE GB 2
60 Cordarrelle Patterson, Min WR Team Chapel.Luke
61 Rashad Jennings, NYG RB Team Chapel.Luke
62 Stephen Gostkowski, NE K GB 2
63 Pierre Garcon, Wsh WR Beat the Boys
64 Trent Richardson, Ind RB Team YNWA
65 Joique Bell, Det RB Mike Honcho
66 Jordan Cameron, Cle TE The Bolt
67 Torrey Smith, Bal WR Patriots Dynasty
68 Michael Floyd, Ari WR   First and Ted
69 Riley Cooper, Phi WR Team Marzano
70 Eli Manning, NYG QB Team Fisher
71 Dennis Pitta, Bal TE Team Fisher
72 Matt Prater, Den K Team Marzano
73 Jordan Reed, Wsh TE   First and Ted
74 Emmanuel Sanders, Den WR Patriots Dynasty
75 Seahawks D/ST D/ST The Bolt
76 DeSean Jackson, Wsh WR Mike Honcho
77 49ers D/ST D/ST Team YNWA
78 Ben Tate, Cle RB Beat the Boys
79 Sammy Watkins, Buf WR GB 2
80 Darren Sproles, Phi RB Team Chapel.Luke
81 Golden Tate, Det WR Team Chapel.Luke
82 Danny Amendola, NE WR GB 2
83 Panthers D/ST D/ST Beat the Boys
84 Jeremy Maclin, Phi WR Team YNWA
85 Rams D/ST D/ST Mike Honcho
86 Frank Gore, SF RB The Bolt
87 Brandin Cooks, NO WR Patriots Dynasty
88 Kendall Wright, Ten WR   First and Ted
89 Broncos D/ST D/ST Team Marzano
90 Stevan Ridley, NE RB Team Fisher
91 Patriots D/ST D/ST Team Fisher
92 Reggie Wayne, Ind WR Team Marzano
93 Ray Rice, Bal RB   First and Ted
94 Kyle Rudolph, Min TE Patriots Dynasty
95 Anquan Boldin, SF WR The Bolt
96 Steven Hauschka, Sea K Mike Honcho
97 Martellus Bennett, Chi TE Team YNWA
98 Vernon Davis, SF TE Beat the Boys
99 Zach Ertz, Phi TE GB 2
100 Heath Miller, Pit TE Team Chapel.Luke
101 Justin Tucker, Bal K Team Chapel.Luke
102 Steven Jackson, Atl RB GB 2
103 Robert Griffin III, Wsh QB Beat the Boys
104 Mason Crosby, GB K Team YNWA
105 Jay Cutler, Chi QB Mike Honcho
106 Maurice Jones-Drew, Oak RB The Bolt
107 Steve Smith, Bal WR Patriots Dynasty
108 Ladarius Green, SD TE   First and Ted
109 DeAngelo Williams, Car RB Team Marzano
110 Chris Johnson, NYJ RB Team Fisher
111 Delanie Walker, Ten TE Team Fisher
112 Josh McCown, TB QB Team Marzano
113 Eagles Coach HC   First and Ted
114 Phil Dawson, SF K Patriots Dynasty
115 Antonio Gates, SD TE The Bolt
116 Saints Coach HC Mike Honcho
117 Chiefs Coach HC Team YNWA
118 Matt Bryant, Atl K Beat the Boys
119 Broncos Coach HC GB 2
120 Ravens D/ST D/ST Team Chapel.Luke
121 Patriots Coach HC Team Chapel.Luke
122 Texans D/ST D/ST GB 2
123 Mike Wallace, Mia WR Beat the Boys
124 Alex Smith, KC QB Team YNWA
125 Bishop Sankey, Ten RB Mike Honcho
126 Seahawks Coach HC The Bolt
127 Bills D/ST D/ST Patriots Dynasty
128 Bengals D/ST D/ST   First and Ted
129 49ers Coach HC Team Marzano
130 Ravens Coach HC Team Fisher
131 Nick Novak, SD K Team Fisher
132 Coby Fleener, Ind TE Team Marzano
133 Adam Vinatieri, Ind K   First and Ted
134 Danny Woodhead, SD RB Patriots Dynasty
135 Shayne Graham, NO K The Bolt
136 Andre Ellington, Ari RB Mike Honcho
137 Greg Jennings, Min WR Team YNWA
138 Steelers Coach HC Beat the Boys
139 Tavon Austin, StL WR GB 2
140 Darren McFadden, Oak RB Team Chapel.Luke

Friday Night Lights 2014 Draft

Round 1

Round Pick Team Last Name First Name Position NFL Team Overall
1 1 Captain Comeback McCoy  LeSean RB PHI 1
1 2 JoshLuke2003 Peterson  Adrian RB MIN 2
1 3 Akery A Charles  Jamaal RB KCC 3
1 4 Patriot Dynasty Manning  Peyton QB DEN 4
1 5 Ward’s Eagles Johnson  Calvin WR DET 5
1 6 Lions Destiny Forte  Matt RB CHI 6
1 7 Herricanes Murray  DeMarco RB DAL 7
1 8 iamkellytaylor Graham  Jimmy TE NOS 8
1 9 S’Ville Superstars Lynch  Marshawn RB SEA 9
1 10 First and Ted Thomas  Demaryius WR DEN 10

Round 2

2 1 First and Ted Lacy  Eddie RB GBP 11
2 2 S’Ville Superstars Ball  Montee RB DEN 12
2 3 iamkellytaylor Martin  Doug RB TBB 13
2 4 Herricanes Green  A.J. WR CIN 14
2 5 Lions Destiny Brees  Drew QB NOS 15
2 6 Ward’s Eagles Rodgers  Aaron QB GBP 16
2 7 Patriot Dynasty Bernard  Giovani RB CIN 17
2 8 Akery A Stafford  Matthew QB DET 18
2 9 JoshLuke2003 Marshall  Brandon WR CHI 19
2 10 Captain Comeback Bryant  Dez WR DAL 20

Round 3

3 1 Captain Comeback Newton  Cam QB CAR 21
3 2 JoshLuke2003 Bush  Reggie RB DET 22
3 3 Akery A Jeffery  Alshon WR CHI 23
3 4 Patriot Dynasty Gronkowski  Rob TE NEP 24
3 5 Ward’s Eagles Stacy  Zac RB STL 25
3 6 Lions Destiny Bell  Le’Veon RB PIT 26
3 7 Herricanes Foles  Nick QB PHI 27
3 8 iamkellytaylor Foster  Arian RB HOU 28
3 9 S’Ville Superstars Jones  Julio WR ATL 29
3 10 First and Ted Nelson  Jordy WR GBP 30

Round 4

4 1 First and Ted Ellington  Andre RB ARI 31
4 2 S’Ville Superstars Morris  Alfred RB WAS 32
4 3 iamkellytaylor Brown  Antonio WR PIT 33
4 4 Herricanes Spiller  C.J. RB BUF 34
4 5 Lions Destiny Thomas  Julius TE DEN 35
4 6 Ward’s Eagles Johnson  Chris RB NYJ 36
4 7 Patriot Dynasty Garcon  Pierre WR WAS 37
4 8 Akery A Vereen  Shane RB NEP 38
4 9 JoshLuke2003 Luck  Andrew QB IND 39
4 10 Captain Comeback Cobb  Randall WR GBP 40

Round 5

5 1 Captain Comeback Tate  Ben RB CLE 41
5 2 JoshLuke2003 Patterson  Cordarrelle WR MIN 42
5 3 Akery A White  Roddy WR ATL 43
5 4 Patriot Dynasty Mathews  Ryan RB SDC 44
5 5 Ward’s Eagles Jackson  Vincent WR TBB 45
5 6 Lions Destiny Edelman  Julian WR NEP 46
5 7 Herricanes Davis  Vernon TE SFO 47
5 8 iamkellytaylor Ryan  Matt QB ATL 48
5 9 S’Ville Superstars Fitzgerald  Larry WR ARI 49
5 10 First and Ted Brady  Tom QB NEP 50

Round 6

6 1 First and Ted Olsen  Greg TE CAR 51
6 2 S’Ville Superstars Welker  Wes WR DEN 52
6 3 iamkellytaylor Cruz  Victor WR NYG 53
6 4 Herricanes Watkins  Sammy WR BUF 54
6 5 Lions Destiny Wayne  Reggie WR IND 55
6 6 Ward’s Eagles Cameron  Jordan TE CLE 56
6 7 Patriot Dynasty Allen  Keenan WR SDC 57
6 8 Akery A Richardson  Trent RB IND 58
6 9 JoshLuke2003 Floyd  Michael WR ARI 59
6 10 Captain Comeback Johnson  Andre WR HOU 60

Round 7

7 1 Captain Comeback Pitta  Dennis TE BAL 61
7 2 JoshLuke2003 Gore  Frank RB SFO 62
7 3 Akery A Tate  Golden WR DET 63
7 4 Patriot Dynasty Gerhart  Toby RB JAC 64
7 5 Ward’s Eagles Seahawks  Seattle Def SEA 65
7 6 Lions Destiny Rice  Ray RB BAL 66
7 7 Herricanes Jennings  Rashad RB NYG 67
7 8 iamkellytaylor Jackson  DeSean WR WAS 68
7 9 S’Ville Superstars Jackson  Steven RB ATL 69
7 10 First and Ted Bell  Joique RB DET 70

Round 8

8 1 First and Ted Wright  Kendall WR TEN 71
8 2 S’Ville Superstars Wilson  Russell QB SEA 72
8 3 iamkellytaylor Colston  Marques WR NOS 73
8 4 Herricanes Crabtree  Michael WR SFO 74
8 5 Lions Destiny Smith  Torrey WR BAL 75
8 6 Ward’s Eagles Sproles  Darren RB PHI 76
8 7 Patriot Dynasty Cooks  Brandin WR NOS 77
8 8 Akery A Hilton  T.Y. WR IND 78
8 9 JoshLuke2003 Kaepernick  Colin QB SFO 79
8 10 Captain Comeback Cooper  Riley WR PHI 80

Round 9

9 1 Captain Comeback Thomas  Pierre RB NOS 81
9 2 JoshLuke2003 Pierce  Bernard RB BAL 82
9 3 Akery A Woodhead  Danny RB SDC 83
9 4 Patriot Dynasty Sankey  Bishop RB TEN 84
9 5 Ward’s Eagles Harvin  Percy WR SEA 85
9 6 Lions Destiny Wallace  Mike WR MIA 86
9 7 Herricanes Panthers  Carolina Def CAR 87
9 8 iamkellytaylor Ridley  Stevan RB NEP 88
9 9 S’Ville Superstars Witten  Jason TE DAL 89
9 10 First and Ted Miller  Lamar RB MIA 90

Round 10

10 1 First and Ted Sanders  Emmanuel WR DEN 91
10 2 S’Ville Superstars Boldin  Anquan WR SFO 92
10 3 iamkellytaylor Rivers  Philip QB SDC 93
10 4 Herricanes Jones-Drew  Maurice RB OAK 94
10 5 Lions Destiny Griffin III  Robert QB WAS 95
10 6 Ward’s Eagles Tannehill  Ryan QB MIA 96
10 7 Patriot Dynasty Benjamin  Kelvin WR CAR 97
10 8 Akery A Hyde  Carlos RB SFO 98
10 9 JoshLuke2003 Maclin  Jeremy WR PHI 99
10 10 Captain Comeback 49ers  San Francisco Def SFO 100

Round 11

11 1 Captain Comeback Moreno  Knowshon RB MIA 101
11 2 JoshLuke2003 Ertz  Zach TE PHI 102
11 3 Akery A Decker  Eric WR NYJ 103
11 4 Patriot Dynasty Bills  Buffalo Def BUF 104
11 5 Ward’s Eagles Reed  Jordan TE WAS 105
11 6 Lions Destiny Rudolph  Kyle TE MIN 106
11 7 Herricanes Gostkowski  Stephen PK NEP 107
11 8 iamkellytaylor Rams  St. Louis Def STL 108
11 9 S’Ville Superstars Cardinals  Arizona Def ARI 109
11 10 First and Ted Fox  John Coa DEN 110

Round 12

12 1 First and Ted Gordon  Josh WR CLE 111
12 2 S’Ville Superstars Payton  Sean Coa NOS 112
12 3 iamkellytaylor Prater  Matt PK DEN 113
12 4 Herricanes Bennett  Martellus TE CHI 114
12 5 Lions Destiny Robinson  Khiry RB NOS 115
12 6 Ward’s Eagles Henery  Alex PK PHI 116
12 7 Patriot Dynasty Ebron  Eric TE DET 117
12 8 Akery A Harbaugh  Jim Coa SFO 118
12 9 JoshLuke2003 Belichick  Bill Coa NEP 119
12 10 Captain Comeback Carroll  Pete Coa SEA 120

Round 13

13 1 Captain Comeback Tucker  Justin PK BAL 121
13 2 JoshLuke2003 Walsh  Blair PK MIN 122
13 3 Akery A Green  Ladarius TE SDC 123
13 4 Patriot Dynasty Hauschka  Steven PK SEA 124
13 5 Ward’s Eagles Kelly  Chip Coa PHI 125
13 6 Lions Destiny Crosby  Mason PK GBP 126
13 7 Herricanes Coughlin  Tom Coa NYG 127
13 8 iamkellytaylor Hawkins  Andrew WR CLE 128
13 9 S’Ville Superstars LaFell  Brandon WR NEP 129
13 10 First and Ted Vinatieri  Adam PK IND 130

Round 14

14 1 First and Ted Patriots  New England Def NEP 131
14 2 S’Ville Superstars Dawson  Phil PK SFO 132
14 3 iamkellytaylor Reid  Andy Coa KCC 133
14 4 Herricanes Roethlisberger  Ben QB PIT 134
14 5 Lions Destiny Steelers  Pittsburgh Def PIT 135
14 6 Ward’s Eagles Austin  Tavon WR STL 136
14 7 Patriot Dynasty Harbaugh  John Coa BAL 137
14 8 Akery A Broncos  Denver Def DEN 138
14 9 JoshLuke2003 Chiefs  Kansas City Def KCC 139
14 10 Captain Comeback Dalton  Andy QB CIN 140

Friday Night Lights 2014 Draft Round 1

Round Pick Team Last Name First Name Position NFL Team Overall
1 1 Captain Comeback McCoy  LeSean RB PHI 1
1 2 JoshLuke2003 Peterson  Adrian RB MIN 2
1 3 Akery A Charles  Jamaal RB KCC 3
1 4 Patriot Dynasty Manning  Peyton QB DEN 4
1 5 Ward’s Eagles Johnson  Calvin WR DET 5
1 6 Lions Destiny Forte  Matt RB CHI 6
1 7 Herricanes Murray  DeMarco RB DAL 7
1 8 iamkellytaylor Graham  Jimmy TE NOS 8
1 9 S’Ville Superstars Lynch  Marshawn RB SEA 9
1 10 First and Ted Thomas  Demaryius WR DEN 10

2013 Bold Predictions Review

I decided to take a look back at the predictions I made at the beginning of 2013 and see how I did.

I got more right than I did wrong, and only the Michael Vick prediction was egregiously wrong.

WRONG! The Panthers will beat the Seahawks Week 1

I got this one wrong, but they came tantalizingly close. A late DeAngelo Williams fumble and an amazing Russell Wilson pass saved the day for the Seahawks.

RIGHT! Adrian Peterson will have less than 1600 yards this year.

Peterson was coming off an amazing 2000 yard season in 2012. He finished 2013 with 1,266

RIGHT! Calvin Johnson will not play all 16 games this season.

Megatron had played all 16 games the previous two seasons straight. Johnson missed two games last year (Week 5 and Week 17)

RIGHT! CJ Spiller will have less than 1000 yards rushing.

Spiller was a hot name during the 2013 preseason. He finished with 933 yards.

WRONG! Reuben Randle will have more receiving yards than Hakeem Nicks.

Nicks did not get hurt, and Randle did not break out. Nicks finished with 896 yards. Randle with 611.

WRONG! Horribly, horribly WRONG! Mike Vick has more combined touchdowns (rushing and throwing) than Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson.

I was all in on Chip Kelly’s offense. I thought Vick would be the beneficiary. No one saw Nick Foles coming. Vick finished with just 7 TDs (5 passing, 2 rushing). Kaepernick had 25 TDs, (21 passing, 4 rushing) and Wilson 27 TDs (26 passing, 1 rushing). Both beat him individually, let alone combined.

RIGHT! Mike Glennon will be the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by the end of the season.

No one saw the entire Josh Freeman meltdown, but I was a believer in Glennon. He took over in Week 4.

Super Bowl – Saints versus Bengals

Nope. But few, if any pundits got it right, although I’m sure quite a few had Denver.

AFC East – Patriots (RIGHT)

AFC North – Bengals (RIGHT)

AFC West – Broncos (RIGHT)

AFC South – Texans (WRONG)

I, along with the rest of the planet, didn’t see the wheels falling off in Houston.

Wild Cards – Chiefs (RIGHT), Browns (WRONG)

I believed in Chud.

NFC East – Giants (WRONG)

I, along with the rest of the planet, didn’t see the wheels falling off with the Giants.

NFC North – Packers (RIGHT)

NFC West – Cardinals (WRONG)

In my defense, they had a really good year and probably should have made the playoffs.

NFC South – Saints (WRONG)

They did make the playoffs and if not for a herculean effort by Luke Kuechly (and a well-timed Carolina torrential downpour), they probably would have won the division.

Wildcards – Eagles(WRONG – won division), 49ers (RIGHT)

The Eagles won their division.

I got 8 of the 12 playoff teams right. I missed San Diego, Carolina, Seattle, and Indianapolis. While I feel good about the percentage, not having the eventual Super Bowl winner even in the playoffs is a big miss.

2014 Rule Changes

Sid Meier, designer of some of the most commercially and critically successful computer games of all time, says that “A game is a series of interesting choices.” In an effort to create some interesting choices for players of our Fantasy Football league, we are implementing the following rule changes.

  1. We are moving to ESPN this year.
  2. Expanding to two leagues.
  3. Dropping  from 14 owners per league to 10 owners per league.
  4. This change requires a scheduling change. We will play 13 weeks. This means you play everyone in your division twice (8 games) and play everyone in the other division once (5 games). Weeks 14 and 15 will be playoffs. We will not have any games Weeks 16 or 17.
  5. Division Winners get automatic bids. The next two teams with the highest winning percentage from either division get the Wildcards. If the Divsion 2 winner goes 7-6, and the third best team in Divsion 1 is 8-5, the Division 2 winner is in the playoffs and the Division 1 third place team is not.
  6. Divisions will be determined by draft order (random draw). Odd numbered picks go into Division 1. Even numbered picks go into division 2.
  7. Dropping the FLEX position.
  8. Droping  the IR slot.
  9. Add the Head Coach position – This will serve mostly as a tie breaker.
  10. Dropping the bench from 7 players to 5 players.
  11. Entry fee dropped from $35 to $30.