2011 Week 7

I don’t wish to alarm anyone but we’re past the halfway point in our season. Man, did we have some exciting games this past week.

The Patriot Way fell for the first time all year, but they did not go down easy. Led once again by the potent 1-2 punch of Drew Bress and Adrian Peterson, they were looking strong. But Ben Akery pulled out all the stops using Adrian Foster in both the ground game and the passing game to rack up huge points and squeak out the victory.

The other game I hope you didn’t miss was the Superstars taking on GB2. GB2 had his new quarterback Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow on the field. Summerville countered with strong run defense holding GB2’s running backs to just 2 points combined. That strong D, plus a bomb to Mike Wallace proved enough for the Superstars to hold on for the win.

Don’t look now, but defending champion Apryl Akery is strong once again this year. Could we have the first ever repeat champion in Crosstowne Fantasy Football history?

I’m sure all eyes will be on a potential champtionship game preview as Akery takes on Patriot Way.

Overall, 7 teams have .500 or better records. If you are one of the teams below .500 now is the time to make a bold move to turn your season around, especially if you are sitting on a ton of Free Agent points (like a couple of you are). No one is out of it yet. The top 6 teams make the playoffs. The Patriot Way and Akery are tied for the Regular Season Championship, and there are three teams just a game back.

Trades have been light this year. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger if you see a good deal come your way.