2014 Rule Changes

Sid Meier, designer of some of the most commercially and critically successful computer games of all time, says that “A game is a series of interesting choices.” In an effort to create some interesting choices for players of our Fantasy Football league, we are implementing the following rule changes.

  1. We are moving to ESPN this year.
  2. Expanding to two leagues.
  3. Dropping  from 14 owners per league to 10 owners per league.
  4. This change requires a scheduling change. We will play 13 weeks. This means you play everyone in your division twice (8 games) and play everyone in the other division once (5 games). Weeks 14 and 15 will be playoffs. We will not have any games Weeks 16 or 17.
  5. Division Winners get automatic bids. The next two teams with the highest winning percentage from either division get the Wildcards. If the Divsion 2 winner goes 7-6, and the third best team in Divsion 1 is 8-5, the Division 2 winner is in the playoffs and the Division 1 third place team is not.
  6. Divisions will be determined by draft order (random draw). Odd numbered picks go into Division 1. Even numbered picks go into division 2.
  7. Dropping the FLEX position.
  8. Droping  the IR slot.
  9. Add the Head Coach position – This will serve mostly as a tie breaker.
  10. Dropping the bench from 7 players to 5 players.
  11. Entry fee dropped from $35 to $30.