2013 Bold Predictions Review

I decided to take a look back at the predictions I made at the beginning of 2013 and see how I did.

I got more right than I did wrong, and only the Michael Vick prediction was egregiously wrong.

WRONG! The Panthers will beat the Seahawks Week 1

I got this one wrong, but they came tantalizingly close. A late DeAngelo Williams fumble and an amazing Russell Wilson pass saved the day for the Seahawks.

RIGHT! Adrian Peterson will have less than 1600 yards this year.

Peterson was coming off an amazing 2000 yard season in 2012. He finished 2013 with 1,266

RIGHT! Calvin Johnson will not play all 16 games this season.

Megatron had played all 16 games the previous two seasons straight. Johnson missed two games last year (Week 5 and Week 17)

RIGHT! CJ Spiller will have less than 1000 yards rushing.

Spiller was a hot name during the 2013 preseason. He finished with 933 yards.

WRONG! Reuben Randle will have more receiving yards than Hakeem Nicks.

Nicks did not get hurt, and Randle did not break out. Nicks finished with 896 yards. Randle with 611.

WRONG! Horribly, horribly WRONG! Mike Vick has more combined touchdowns (rushing and throwing) than Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson.

I was all in on Chip Kelly’s offense. I thought Vick would be the beneficiary. No one saw Nick Foles coming. Vick finished with just 7 TDs (5 passing, 2 rushing). Kaepernick had 25 TDs, (21 passing, 4 rushing) and Wilson 27 TDs (26 passing, 1 rushing). Both beat him individually, let alone combined.

RIGHT! Mike Glennon will be the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by the end of the season.

No one saw the entire Josh Freeman meltdown, but I was a believer in Glennon. He took over in Week 4.

Super Bowl – Saints versus Bengals

Nope. But few, if any pundits got it right, although I’m sure quite a few had Denver.

AFC East – Patriots (RIGHT)

AFC North – Bengals (RIGHT)

AFC West – Broncos (RIGHT)

AFC South – Texans (WRONG)

I, along with the rest of the planet, didn’t see the wheels falling off in Houston.

Wild Cards – Chiefs (RIGHT), Browns (WRONG)

I believed in Chud.

NFC East – Giants (WRONG)

I, along with the rest of the planet, didn’t see the wheels falling off with the Giants.

NFC North – Packers (RIGHT)

NFC West – Cardinals (WRONG)

In my defense, they had a really good year and probably should have made the playoffs.

NFC South – Saints (WRONG)

They did make the playoffs and if not for a herculean effort by Luke Kuechly (and a well-timed Carolina torrential downpour), they probably would have won the division.

Wildcards – Eagles(WRONG – won division), 49ers (RIGHT)

The Eagles won their division.

I got 8 of the 12 playoff teams right. I missed San Diego, Carolina, Seattle, and Indianapolis. While I feel good about the percentage, not having the eventual Super Bowl winner even in the playoffs is a big miss.